Seamless Gutters

P3230668A seamless gutter means that a straight gutter is made of one continuous piece of gutter material. The only seams are on corner miters and downspouts.

Sectional gutters are sold in pieces and installed as component systems.

Seamless gutters are considered more durable because the seams of sectional gutters can weaken over time and cause leaks 10 or 15 years down the road. This is because constant expansion and contraction of the gutters tends to crack the seam caulk of sectional systems. In this case the seams have to be re-caulked from the inside with a special gutter caulk.

We use the thickest material for our gutters with a wide variety of colors . I buy direct from the suppliers so you get an advantage of choosing from a hand full of samples which include over 30 plus color selections.

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl SidingVinyl siding has been around for more than 30 yrs, but with a lot of the early and some of the new, it is very important to buy a good quality vinyl or it will fade faster or get brittle quicker than the others.

We use the highest of quality vinyl offered theses days. We prefer to buy straight from the manufactures instead of big box stores for two main reasons, its usually saves you money,  easier to deal with if any warranty issues arise , not to mention a much better material. From our service, and installation to removal, or replacement, you’ll find the best selection of home improvement siding services to meet your individual needs with Hung Well Siding.

Each home improvement project we work on is guaranteed by the manufacturers warranty, and workmanship by us !

Steel Siding

Steel SidingSteel siding is ever growing in popularity these days and its just goes to show. After either 10 or 20 and I’ve seen even 25 year old steel that to this day looks like new. You never have to paint or maintain besides a quick washing just to keep the dirt and grime off  just like any other siding.

Steel siding is very strong and resists shrinking and bulging when the temperatures change. It doesn’t fade or get brittle like even the highest grade vinyl out there. I personally have steel siding on my house and we as a company do about 50% of our siding jobs in steel these days due to the problems with the Hardie and LP and also these ever growing storms that have been hitting us.

We buy the steel from a few suppliers in mn , but we prefer to use the Edco brand due to there highest of quality and they are local ,just up in Hopkins,MN

About us

chw pic 2Here is a little insight to this company.

I’m a 3rd generation siding installer with over 21 years and counting  into this profession.We are not one of them big contractors that hire in-experienced help or subs to farm out our work.

I myself have sided over 600 houses in this area not counting the hundreds of gutter jobs and misc jobs during the year. I’m just a smaller company but also but up bigger numbers than a lot of big companies when it comes to jobs done and materials bought from suppliers.

There are very few companies out there where the owner/ president  has had years of on the wall experience and is out in the field working if any . We are not a high pressure sales company at all, we are very honest and can answer any questions you’d have. If it were vinyl, LP, Hardie, and the coming back into popularity …Steel siding , we can apply and do them in the highest of quality workmanship . We’ve worked for a lot of contractors and homeowners that are very fussy and have every right to be and have never lost a contractor or had one bad complaint or call back on our workmanship. To be honest , some of the homeowners and contractors came to be personal friends.

Call today if you have any questions about what we can do for ya.


Steel Gutters

Steel 3If you are looking for strength a steel guttering system is good choice. Steel rain gutters hold up to the harsh MN elements better than any other type of gutters.

They will basically last forever. There are just a hand full of colors that  are offered in steel from Edco steel company, which offer a special coating vs. the baked on enamel .

Leaf protection

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThere are a bunch of leaf guard products out there, from a gutter helmet style to the screen, and the a flat perforated with tiny holes guard .

We use a few different variety’s of these which seem to work well. With these helmets or guards from leafs there are some factors you have to figure for, what type of leafs or trees are you dealing with? what is the pitch and roof consist of , and the different problems that might arise.